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New York Bioheat®-Realty Partnership Program

realtyLogo.gifThe New York Oil Heating Association (NYOHA) reaches out to Metropolitan Area real estate professionals through the New York Bioheat®-Realty Partnership Program. Our goal is to equip agents, brokers and home inspectors with accurate information that they can share with clients. Through the Realty program, NYOHA aims to preserve Bioheat® fuel market share and promote successful sales of Bioheated properties. 

Bioheat® fuel is the best fuel for heating, but even informed real estate professionals can use help. We want to raise the level of comfort with Bioheat® fuel, so we provide important resources like online information and informative brochures. We also sponsor free breakfast seminars that help Realtors® become effective advocates for Bioheat® fuel

123rf_9437874_ml.pngMany Years of Building Success 
Hundreds of New York City real estate professionals are better prepared to sell the Bioheated properties that make up one-third of the city's housing stock, thanks to their work with the New York City Bioheat®-Realty Partnership Program. The group has served hundreds of Realtors® and home inspectors with free breakfast seminars, newsletters, Web-based resources, consultations, service calls and more. 

Real estate pros who have taken advantage of program resources are sold on the Partnership's value to them and their colleagues. Damien Moody, of Coldwell Banker in Fresh Meadows, attended a recent Partnership seminar. "Very informative," he said of the presentation. "I would recommend that every real estate professional attend this seminar." 

The Partnership also establishes connections so that real estate professionals and Bioheat® fuel retailers can get acquainted. That way, brokers, agents and home inspectors know whom to call when they need a tank measurement, emergency service or help with a home inspection. 

FREE Breakfast Events

event.pngWho says Bioheat® fuel and orange juice don't mix? They do at the New York Bioheat®-Realty Partnership Program's FREE breakfast events. What better place to meet ... greet ... eat ... and learn all about Bioheat® fuel! Our realty events have received rave reviews from real estate professionals who have attended (see below). 

Right now, you can pre-enroll for upcoming Partnership Program events. When you do, you'll be assured of getting, by phone and/or email, all the event information you need as soon as it becomes available. 

Here's a sampling of comments from Real Estate Professionals who attended a recent event: 

"Bioheat® fuel continues to be the most reliable heating source for my clients. Keep up the great work!"
- Shawn M. Scianna, Weichert Realtors, Fishkill 

"Thank you for being so informative about Bioheat® fuel and its values! You have enlightened me on several different aspects."
- Janice Linden, Linden Real Estate, Rye 

"I feel that I learned more about the issues that would concern a prospective homebuyer and how to assist and guide them."
- Bobbi Cavicchio, Linden Real Estate, Rye 

"As a home inspector, I find learning about advances in Bioheat® fuel technology is useful information that I can pass along to prospective buyers."
- Bill Weschler, Mulberry Inspections LLC, New Rochelle 

For more information and to pre-enroll for an event, click here

How Our Qualified Members Can Build Your Business!

cA_63275134.pngIt is in the best interests of NYOHA's Bioheat® fuel dealer members to serve the interests of brokers, agents and home inspectors! We are here to help you to seal the deals with the selling points you need to understand. And armed with new stores of knowledge, you can confidently encourage prospective buyers to make Bioheated homes their comfortable and safe choice. 

NYOHA members can help you with the following services on the homes you are showing to ensure a successful closing:

  • We can perform Bioheat® fuel system startups.
  • We'll answer any questions from home inspectors.
  • We conduct accurate tank measurements.
  • We deliver emergency fuel if the tank runs low.
  • We provide emergency equipment service.
  • We transfer service and tank agreements to new homeowners.
  • We provide a projected fuel schedule by examining the homeowner's needs and the fuel history of the home.
  • Plus, our member dealers can offer your customers helpful advice on everything from comprehensive service contracts to money-saving payment plans, as well as identify energy-loss issues around the home and provide energy conservation tips.



For Real Estate Professionals

As a real estate professional, you need to be in the know when it comes to Bioheat® fuel. These colorful brochures will educate you on the benefits of Bioheat® fuel and how Bioheat® fuel dealers can help you, and offers selling points to assist you in sealing the deal. These guides are guaranteed to be a valuable read.


Added Benefits

brochures.gifAs a member of the New York Bioheat®-Realty Partnership Program, you'll receive these valuable marketing tools free of charge: 

FREE Realty Newsletter, featuring the latest Bioheat® fuel information. It can really give you the edge when explaining Bioheat® fuel's benefits to customers. 
FREE Listing as a "Preferred Real Estate Professional" on the NYOHA Web site. When prospective clients want a real estate professional who's "in the know" about Bioheat® fuel, this is the spot they'll check first. 
FREE bilingual (Spanish/English) marketing materials to boost your bottom line. These fact-filled brochures answer many of your clients' questions and make them feel comfortable about choosing a Bioheated home. 

Best of all, enrollment in the New York Bioheat®-Realty Partnership is free. We encourage you to tell your colleagues about this program and how it can provide numerous opportunities for networking, keeping up with industry issues, sharing information and increasing home sales. 

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