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Winter Storm Preparedness Tips

- 12:20 pm - November 11th, 2014

The cold weather is here and winter storm season is fast approaching. With projections for above average precipitation in the New York area this winter, it’s important that residents are prepared for big storms. Follow these tips to make sure you are ready for the first and every big snowstorm of the season.
  • Get a heating system inspection to spot problems that could flare up during a storm
  • Purchase and install a generator before a storm strikes to keep your lights on, your refrigerated food fresh, your phones charged.
  • Keep your heating oil tank filled in case a storm delays heating oil trucks from reaching your home.
  • Keep your cell phones charged if there are warnings of a storm. If power goes out, this may be your sole means of communication. 
  • Know the local places that will allow you to use their heat and electricity in case of emergency. 
Contact your local heating oil dealer for more winter storm preparedness tips.