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Watch Out For Heating Hazards

- 3:16 pm - August 24th, 2017

Homeowners throughout New York City may not be thinking about winter weather now, but it may be a good time to start! Impending blizzards and road closures are enough to drive most New Yorkers crazy, and if your heating system isn’t up to par, it won’t be the temperature outside you’ll be worrying about. However, there are things to look out for and correct today that can help ensure you’re not throwing away your energy dollars, and that you’re getting the most out of your heating equipment!

Poor Home Weatherization

The space outside your home gets cold during the winter, but you’re not going to try and warm it up with your heating system, are you? You may be doing just that if your home isn’t ready for the cold! Warm air can escape through gaps around windows and doors, recessed lighting fixtures and locations where plumbing, ducting or wiring come through walls, floors and ceilings.

Outdated Equipment

The efficiency of your heating equipment drops drastically after 20 years, but you should be updating your boiler or furnace before it reaches that age to maintain top performance levels from your system. Upgrades can also save you money, as your equipment won’t require frequent service calls and will last longer. NYOHA offers Upgrade & Save – NYC rebates of up to $700 for your new Bioheat® furnace, boiler, burner or storage tank.

Over-Sized Equipment

Heating equipment that’s too large for your home can make you less comfortable and cause above-average wear and tear on the system. It’ll also result in uneven temperatures, as some areas of your home will be drastically warmer, leaving other spaces cold and untouched. 

Protect your home comfort from freezing weather this winter by being proactive today! Many full-service Oilheat dealers throughout New York offer annual tune-ups as part of their service plans, and specialize in heating equipment installation and maintenance, as well. Call your local Oilheat dealer for more information.