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The Truth About Bioheat® Heating Oil

- 9:58 am - July 16th, 2014

New York City’s heating oil is cleaner than ever! Since October 2012, all heating oil in New York City must include at least 2 percent of biodiesel, a blend known as Bioheat® heating oil. Since the switch happened nearly two years ago, there have been many misconceptions floating around about Bioheat® heating oil. At NYOHA, we are here to set the facts straight. 
Myths and Facts about Bioheat® heating oil:
MYTH: Bioheat® heating oil is not a viable fuel for the future.
FACT:  The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has thoroughly tested Bioheat® heating oil and deemed it a comparable fuel to heating oil. 
MYTH: There aren’t any significant advantages to Bioheat® heating oil.
FACT:  Bioheat® heating oil can be used in home heating oil equipment the same way as standard heating oil. It is extremely clean burning with reduced sulfur emissions, making it environmentally friendly. 
MYTH: Bioheat® heating oil can damage heating equipment.
FACT:  Studies have shown that the use of Bioheat® heating oil can improve equipment life and reduce the need for maintenance. 
MYTH: Bioheat® heating oil is expensive.
FACT: The cost of Bioheat® heating oil is similar to traditional heating oil and can cut fuel usage by up to 30 percent. New York State offers generous tax credits through December 31, 2016 for those who use biofuel blends. Residents can claim a direct income tax credit up to 20 cents for each and every gallon they buy—one cent for every percentage point of biodiesel in a gallon of their heating fuel. 
Contact you local heating oil dealer with additional questions about Bioheat® heating oil.