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Spring Fill Ups Prevent Winter Hiccups

- 11:40 am - April 18th, 2017

Before putting your heating system in the back of your mind for the spring and summer, be sure to get your tank filled by your fuel dealer one last time to prevent any issues with your tank in the winter.

The less empty space in your tank, the less water can accumulate. When water sits in your tank it can cause corrosion and the growth of bacteria, which can lead to sludge build up, equipment malfunctions and oil leaks.

Getting your tank topped off at the end of the heating season can save you money later down the road. Another way you can save money is by upgrading your heating system. By doing so you’ll increase its efficiency for when you really need it. Call your heating oil dealer today to schedule one last delivery before the summer begins, and ask if you could save with an upgrade!