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Spreading Bioheat® Fuel Awareness to New York Realty Professionals

- 12:46 pm - February 10th, 2016

While homeowners and residents all over the city have discovered for themselves that Bioheat® fuel is the best fuel for home heating, NYOHA also reaches out directly to Metropolitan Area real estate professionals to further prepare them to sell properties that use Oilheat (known as Bioheat® fuel in NYC). This initiative, known as the New York Bioheat®-Realty Partnership Program, is designed to equip agents, brokers and home inspectors with actionable information about the fuel that they can share with clients and colleagues.

Thanks to this program, hundreds of New York City real estate professionals are better prepared to sell properties utilizing Bioheat® fuel. The program offers free breakfast seminars, newsletters, Web-based resources, consultations, service calls and much more. If you are a real estate professional, the time is now to further your Bioheat® fuel education and sell Bioheat® fuel-equipped properties with even greater effectiveness. In addition to improving your closing ratio, each sale you make will help promote the use of a cleaner, greener fuel that is helping New York City set the standard for urban sustainability.

A positive environmental impact is simply one of Bioheat® fuel’s great benefits. Homebuyers and sellers alike can certainly appreciate that Bioheat® fuel prices are now lower than they’ve been in years. In fact, the price has fallen by almost 40 cents per gallon since the end of the last heating season and the start of the current season, and the U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that homes using Bioheat® fuel will have spent $570 less season-wide as a result. The saving doesn’t end there either. Prospective buyers will also be happy to know that all New Yorkers who pay for Bioheat® fuel can claim tax rebates of 1 cent per gallon per percentage of biodiesel, thanks to the New York Clean Heating Fuel Credit. Considering New York’s high cost of living (the second highest in the nation), the opportunity to save so much on home energy is a welcome advantage of Bioheat® fuel. However, your clients might never realize this and might even be put off from potential property sales by their own energy-related misconceptions, if you don’t have actionable information available at your disposal.

Any realty professional looking to increase sales of Bioheat® fuel-equipped properties will benefit from participation in the New York Bioheat®-Realty Partnership Program. Don’t wait to take advantage of the valuable resources that are open to you. Download the latest NYRealty newsletter for more information, and visit the Bioheat®-Realty Partnership Program page to register today.