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Sierra Club Report Criticizes Natural Gas Buildout

- 3:23 pm - February 23rd, 2017

sierra_club.jpgThe Sierra Club recently released a report detailing the unprecedented buildout of new gas infrastructure around the country and calling for its rejection, according to an announcement by the organization.

In the Northeast, where heating oil is most widely used, the natural gas industry is working to replace heating oil with natural gas and have natural gas customers pay the billions of dollars required to build out natural gas systems. Meanwhile, heating oil marketers are rapidly adopting ultra-low sulfur heating oil and clean burning Bioheat® Fuel, which can heat homes with lower greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas.

The Sierra Club report concludes that if America is to meet its climate commitments, "We must reject any new proposed gas infrastructure buildout and plans for expansion," the organization wrote in a press release.

"The science is clear: From extraction to production to consumption, gas is a dirty and dangerous fuel that produces significant amounts of pollution, threatens our climate, our clean air and water, and the health of our communities," the Sierra Club wrote. "If the United States continues to approve new gas pipelines and power plants, and if the majority of politicians continue to spread the falsehood that gas is a clean fuel, we will fail to meet our climate commitments and put our future and our children's future in peril from the climate crisis."

Transitioning to natural gas "isn't building a bridge to a cleaner future, it's building a superhighway to climate disaster," the press release states.

To read the Sierra Club article, click here.