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Schedule Your Heating System Tune-Up Today

- 9:41 am - August 29th, 2014

As much as none of us want to admit it, summer will soon be a memory. This means that the heating season will soon be upon us. Now, before the cold arrives, is the perfect time to call your local heating oil dealer for your annual heating system tune-up.

When you have your heating equipment tuned up, it will ensure that it works as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible! If your heating oil dealer spots an issue during your tune-up that needs to be addressed, you can be sure it will be fixed right away so you are not stuck in a cold house this winter. Better yet, if your Oilheat dealer offers a service plan, that "fix" may be covered - so if you aren't enrolled in a service plan, now is the time to sign up.

Contact your local heating oil dealer today to schedule your tune-up before their schedule fills up!