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Save Money with Bioheat® Fuel Dealers

- 10:51 am - September 29th, 2017

When the temperatures outside begin dropping, the price of fuel starts rising. Bioheat® dealers are here to soften the blow of winter fuel costs! Many dealers offer various ways to protect your prices and keep them manageable, so the holiday season doesn’t have to start out with a large hit to your wallet. Here are a few of the ways Bioheat® dealers can help:

Budget Plan: With a budget plan, the dealer allows you to make even payments for fuel deliveries from month to month – instead of making payments that are constantly changing, especially when you need more than one delivery a month. This makes it easier for you to budget and heat up your home during the winter. 

Capped Price: These programs offered by dealers will prevent your fuel prices from going over a pre-determined maximum. If you agree to pay a certain amount per gallon, you won’t pay more during the season. However, if the price drops below your max you will benefit from the lower price. 

Fixed Price: On a fixed price program, dealers agree to charge you a flat price for a given period of time that will not go up or down. You’ll never pay more than the agreed upon price, but your price won’t drop if the market value does. 

Pre-Buy: When purchasing fuel through your dealer, they may offer you the chance to purchase an entire season’s worth of fuel at a reduced cost. This allows you to have the fuel you need locked in with a one-time payment, leaving you with no monthly bills to juggle.

Not all dealers offer all programs, and some dealers require enrollment at a specific time of the year. Call your Bioheat® fuel dealer to find out if they offer these or other pricing and payment programs.