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With Preventive Maintenance, Timing is Everything

- 1:33 pm - June 14th, 2017

NYOHA’s full-service Bioheat® fuel dealers offer a number of service plans that can keep every aspect of your home comfort system running smoothly all year long. Most plans include annual tune-ups that should be performed before the equipment’s heavy-usage season. 

Your heating system’s tune-up should be performed when the weather outside is no longer frightful, in the late summer or early fall. During the winter, Bioheat® dealers will be busy with deliveries and emergency repairs and may have difficulty scheduling your tune-up. Even priority services only apply to when your equipment malfunctions, which is avoidable by getting your tune-up done at the right time. 

It’s never too early, however! Summer is the perfect time to schedule your heating system tune-up. Be sure to ask your local full-service dealer about service plans that cover preventive maintenance for heating systems. Get it in before the summer ends and the brisk air of the fall returns, and your heating system will be ready to go!