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Niko Defense

- 11:56 am - February 13th, 2017

123rf_15446958_ml.pngIt’s not uncommon for fuel marketers to warn you about the misery you could experience in a heat emergency during a fierce winter storm. You know what? Those are not hollow marketing words! That type of storm touched down in our area on February 9, when Winter Storm Niko brought heavy snow, blizzard conditions and blustery winds to much of the Northeast, including New York City and its surrounding areas. You know the drill … thousands of flights were canceled, schools were closed and bread and milk shelves were cleaned out for miles around 

When the snow-dust finally settled after more than 12 hours, accumulations had reached: 13.2 inches in Queens; 12.5 inches in the Bronx; 10 inches in Brooklyn; 9.4 inches in Central Park; 8.5 inches in Staten Island; and 10 inches in Nassau County. Much of the Tri-State area spent the day snuggled under the covers, watching the snow globe outside from the warm safety of their homes, hot chocolate in hand.

But do you know who wasn’t snuggled under those covers? Full-service New York Oilheat Dealers! That’s because not everyone had the luxury of hunkering down for a relaxing snow day. Some residents experienced equipment problems, and others ran out of fuel. Whatever the challenge, fuel delivery trucks and service technicians across the region were on the road non-stop, braving Mother Nature’s fury, delivering Bioheat® fuel and restoring warmth and comfort to customers in need.

Many NYOHA members offer comprehensive no-worry service contracts, convenient automatic fuel delivery programs, and emergency fuel delivery and service – all of which are of the utmost importance during events like Winter Storm Niko. We hope you’re already taking advantage of the important services these dealers provide.

If not, we encourage you to call a NYOHA member near you today. After all, you don’t want to get caught in a heat emergency during that fierce winter storm…