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Furnace Spring Cleaning – Why it’s So Important

- 11:03 am - March 21st, 2016

Most homeowners have some kind of maintenance or system evaluation performed on their furnace in the fall season. Spring maintenance is an equally important yet often ignored step toward ensuring that your furnace stays in good condition all year long. As we begin turning our heating systems down with the arrival of warmer weather, now is the time to contact your Bioheat® fuel provider and have your furnace inspected for wear and tear that may have been sustained this past season. After all, unaddressed furnace problems today can lead to much bigger issues come November.

Scheduling a spring heating maintenance visit has convenient advantages. In the fall, Bioheat® fuel providers become inundated with frequent heating maintenance appointments and emergency calls. If the evaluation reveals the need for a replacement component, it could take longer to get a hold of that part. In the spring, however, most homeowners will not be seeking out replacement parts. If your HVAC technician finds a problem during the evaluation, it can be resolved quickly, conveniently and inexpensively.

Your heating system ‘spring cleaning’ protocol should also include making sure your heating oil tank is filled. Leaving your fuel oil tank empty or only partially full may cause complications. A partially full tank will allow water to condense, which stimulates bacterial growth. This results in the formation of black sludge, a leading factor in many heating system breakdowns. Prevent this by having your tank filled to capacity before heading into the warm months ahead.

By scheduling a heating system tune-up and a tank refill now, you can spend all spring and summer long rest assured that your furnace will continue performing at a high level come the next heating season. Contact your Bioheat® fuel provider today or browse from our database of dealers to get dependable full service home comfort treatment today.