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Fill Up Your Tank Before Summer

- 3:54 pm - April 30th, 2015

Don’t neglect your heating oil tank this summer! Fill up your tank with Bioheat® heating oil one more time before switching into “summer mode.” Leaving your fuel oil tank empty or only partially full may cause you problems come winter.

If your fuel oil tank isn’t full, it will leave room for water to condense. This will create moisture, which will allow bacteria to grow, which results in black sludge, a leading factor in many heating system breakdowns. These breakdowns can be costly, so make sure to take the proper precautions now to save you money later!

Don’t forget, if your heating oil tank is more than 20 years old, it may be time for an upgrade. For more information and to schedule a Bioheat® heating oil delivery, contact your local heating oil dealer today.