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Emergency Service Heroics

- 5:04 pm - September 21st, 2015

Imagine this scenario: you wake up in the middle of a cold December night feeling as if your bed is sitting on the edge of a dark mountainside in the bone-chilling Himalayas. No, it’s not a bad dream – it’s your heater on the fritz! But if you do business with a full-service NYOHA Oilheat provider, the cavalry is always prepared to come over the nearest hill to your aid.

Dramatic imagery aside, it’s no secret that New York’s past few winters have seen rougher conditions and lower temperatures than we’d care for. The difference-maker between pleasantly coasting through a winter wonderland and suffering through a biting chill lies in your heating equipment. Your heating system is designed to give you years of reliable and cozy comfort – but sudden problems can occur. That’s why your full-service NYOHA Oilheat dealer offers emergency service, a dependable resource that can get you and your family out of a potentially uncomfortable jam.

Full-service NYOHA Oilheat dealers provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and their expert technicians are trained and ready to troubleshoot any issue your heating system may be having. They might not make their entrance galloping in on horses (well-equipped repair vans are more their style), but they will make sure your home returns to being the comfortable and inviting place it should be. And of course, if they find that the problem is beyond a repair, they’ll help you select and install a new set of heating equipment that will take care of you for the rest of the winter. That seems like heroism from where we’re standing.

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