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Bioheat® Fuel Timetable

- 3:24 pm - November 11th, 2016

In our last blog post, we reported on the October 18 signing of Int. 642-A, a historic piece of legislation that will raise the biodiesel content of New York City’s Bioheat® fuel from 2% (B2) to 5% (B5) by October 2017 and then up to B20 by 2034. This increase, as we mentioned, will not occur overnight. To ensure a smooth transition that can meet the fuel demands and heating needs of all New Yorkers, Bioheat fuel’s biodiesel content will be increased incrementally over the next 18 years in accordance with the following benchmarks:

  • B5 (5% biodiesel) by October 2017 — emissions reductions equal to removing 17,700 cars from the road
  • B10 (10% biodiesel) by October 2025
  • B15 (15% biodiesel) by October 2030
  • B20 (20% biodiesel) by October 2034 — environmental impact equivalent of taking 175,000 cars off the road

Biodiesel’s compatibility with oil-fired heating equipment has been extensively tested in laboratories and through pilot programs in city-owned buildings. No compatibility issues have been detected, and the ASTM International has approved the use of all blends up to B20. With this in mind, and with your heating system maintained by a qualified NYC Bioheat fuel dealer, you can rest assured that your home comfort is in good hands and that your transition to higher biodiesel blends will be smooth and seamless.

To find out more, visit our website’s Bioheat fuel services section and look for a Bioheat dealer in your area.