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BioHeat® Fuel – Keeping New York Cleaner and Greener

- 11:46 am - December 29th, 2014

With today’s heating oil, your environmental footprint is smaller than ever. Heating oil produces near zero emissions into the atmosphere, and is so clean that it is not even regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act. To further lower the environmental impact of heating oil use, New York City mandates a 2% bioheat blend, which is made from renewable resources such as soybeans, other plants, algae and even recycled cooking oil. This blend is improving the city's air quality, increasing the energy-efficiency of heating equipment, and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Moreover, a 2012 New York State mandate requires all heating oil to contain less than 15 parts-per-million of sulfur, which can reduce the sulfur emissions by more than 99%. When combined with eco-friendly Bioheat® fuel, ultra-low sulfur heating oil takes energy conservation to a new level. 

For more information visit our Bioheat® fuel page.